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About us..

Meet  the Team

Earth and Heaven is a family run business based in the port town of Bideford, North Devon.  Angela runs the business with the help of her Long suffering Husband .


The business has been established for many years and was bought and taken over by Angela  in April  2022. 

As well as the main retail shop, Earth and Heaven has a treatment room,  and attends  events and fairs.  

We stock a large range of Crystals, Fossils, Essential Oils, Incense, Witchy & Holistic wares  and Gift Products. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and passion for our products.

We also value the importance of supporting other local and small UK based businesses and so in our physical retail shop we stock a selection of handmade items from local creators such as  Sprays,  candles, jewellery, wall hangings,  artwork and other beautiful and one of a kind Crafts. 



Some of the local products we currently stock include;


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Mayson Gosling Art

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Shop owner. Hippy Pixie Green Witch, loves cats, nature, Crystals & foraging, 

Spirit animal: Fox 🦊

Favourite crystal: Chrysoprase,  Andean Blue Opal, Garden quartz....

& maybe... a few others 😂



Shop helper, heavy lifter  and fossil fan.

Beware: May spontaneously talk about guitars or bicycles! 😂

Spirit Animal: Bat 🦇

Favourite Crystal: Obsidian 

Natural Coastal Creations

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